What is Dual Enrollment?

Alyssa Mackinen, Staff Writer

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Alyssa Makinen

Dual Enrollment  


New Berlin Eisenhower along with select in-state colleges have together created a program that enables students to spend part of their days taking classes at a local college. This is an ongoing program that allows students to take classes not offered here, or get a jump start on their college schooling.

Whether you want to take classes to get a head start on your college education or start working in classes for your future career,  Dual Enrollment if perfect! Not only because Eisenhower will pay for those classes, but also you will get a general idea of what college is like before you start out brand new as a freshman. “According to a dual enrollment student,  “ It’s a great program and really helped me get a head start when deciding what I wanted to do when I got to college, but also helped me decide where I wanted to go.”  Dual Enrollment is a great program that is offered here at school and is something you should take advantage of.

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