New Gym Floor

Erin Hedmann, Staff Writer

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by Erin Hedmann

New Gymnasium


Earlier this fall, Eisenhower received an upgrade to the upper gymnasium, in which construction took place this summer.

The parts upgraded were the floor and a dividing wall which was once a solid contracting wall and now is a modern new grey tarp that retracts from the ceiling. ¨The project started the day after graduation last summer.  (We needed to wait until after graduation in case we needed to move it inside!)  The planning for the project began last Winter when we noticed some of the gym floor was buckling.  We made some quick and temporary repairs, but we knew that we needed to look at the greater issues underneath our gym floor to really solve it,” said Mr. Buckley, New Berlin Eisenhower Principal.

The company Stalker Floors completely finished the project on October 3rd just in time for the Volleyball game that night. This project must have had a pretty large price tag, but according to Mr. Buckley, “We partnered with our District Office, and a good portion of the cost was covered by insurance. Since the floor needed repair due to damage, they decided that we should redo the flooring or continue to patch.  I recall them deciding to redo the floor at meeting in the Spring.”

Not only is the concept of the renovation exciting, it comes with a few benefits. First, the big folding door is gone and a drop-down curtain was added, as well as a storage room where the door was once stored.  “ I think that they design and colors are great – Mr. Fitzgerald did a great job picking those out – the floor makes the gym feel bigger and brighter, which is a great thing.  I look forward to hearing what the staff and students think,” said Buckley when referring to how the gym turned out.

Not only is it exciting for the school to get an upgrade but the athletes are excited as well. Let’s get ready for Eisenhower winter sports!


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