Holiday Activities to Enjoy

Kaitlyn Isbell, Contributor

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By Kaitlyn Isbell

The best way to spread Holiday cheer is singing loud for all the hear. That’s right people, it’s December, time to prepare. We have the advantage of living in Wisconsin which brings many festivities, especially when Holiday time comes around. So grab some gloves, a hot chocolate, and make your way down to some of this Holiday events.


November 17th-Jan 1st, Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival in downtown Milwaukee

           November 18th-Nov 20th, Holiday Folk Fair in West Allis

           December 2nd-December 3rd, Christmas in the Ward in downtown

           January 29th, Milwaukee’s 11th annual Chili Bowl in downtown


If you can’t make it to any of these events there are always other activities you can do at home. For example, build a gingerbread house, take Holiday pics, decorate, etc. Don’t forget, Holidays bring everyone together so be jolly 🙂


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