Florine Son: Loving burgers in the US

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Florine Son: Loving burgers in the US

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Foreign exchange student Florine Son from Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium, arrived in the United States and became a part of the Goepfert family only days after finding out her exact destination

“I knew where to go one week before leaving,” Son said.

Florine and her sister moved to the United States around the same time. While Florine lives in Wisconsin, she misses her sister, who was transferred to Chicago. Unaware of where she was going to be placed, she came into the U.S. knowing only a small amount of English.

While talking with Florine, one of Florine’s first observations of Wisconsin was the not-so-predictable weather.

“In Belgium, we have a lot of rain”, Son said. “The snow is pretty cool … I don’t really enjoy it that much.”

Florine was shocked by some of the things that were new to her in America.

“Everything is super big, like the school and roads,” Son said. “In Belgium, the school is half of this school, and the same amount of people and the classes are super small.”

Seeing the U.S.

Florine also joined the Goepfert family on a few family trips exploring the country. She’s been to places such as Washington DC, California, and Florida.

“I went to a Badgers football game and otherwise I’ve done trips like Washington, California, and Florida,” Son said. “Washington was more cultural, California was fun for Disney, Florida was for Universal.”

While in all these different states, she experienced some American food, such as her new favorite restaurant. “I think you have really good burgers and fries. From Red Robin I really like their burgers.”

Even though she has enjoyed the United States, there is still a part of her that misses home.

“I think I miss the food in Belgium and miss my friends and going to parties,” Son said.

Tech differences

One major difference Son noted between American schools and the schools in Belgium was the use of technology.

“None of us have a chromebook or are on technology,” Florine said. “We don’t really have service at school; sometimes we are on the computer, but it is really rare.”

She also added, “Everyone is on their phone all the time.”

Even though she didn’t have access to the internet as easily as she does now, Florine said, “I like that you have a lot of stuff that you can use.”

Looking ahead to the future, Son expressed an interest in going back to the United States.

“I think I’m going to do political science,” she said. “I will definitely come back here.”


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