Fishing For Attention

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Fishing For Attention

Bradley Seebruch

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School, a place of learning and discipline. Wait, forget about that second word, because everyone has turned their decibels up to 70.

The classroom was never meant to be a quiet place as teachers encourage school-related conversation. Keyword: school-related.

As students, we somehow find this to be the hardest thing to do and ramble off on our own. According to, classrooms have gone from having a decibel of 40 to now having an overly loud 70.

Not only that, but we feel the need to stop everyone from focusing on work and focus on us. We need that spotlight, and without it we feel, puny. Or we feel like we need to make ourselves known to others as some sort of cry for attention.

Countless times during school, I hear the same stuff coming from the large mouths of starving fish. As a school of fish, we feel like we need to follow the leader or start doing what they do because “it’s cool” or “wow, I should be just like them!” What’s unique about being human is that we don’t need to be like everyone else; we were created to be different.

However, that doesn’t seem to want to stop the needy, attention-drawing people from drowning in themselves. From becoming a class clown to being a teacher’s pet, those people only care about one thing … attention.

Students will do anything to draw a reaction. Those reactions distract the person from doing their work or cause the whole room to stop. This can interfere with work or even stop the work all together.

Sure, it’s normal to want attention (that’s why we had parties as a child). We want to “promote ourselves” and “make themselves known” to others, said Huffington Post writer Wray Herbert in an article about why people are annoying,.

Constantly during class, I am swarmed by the everlasting noise of my peers. They talk about each other, their shenanigans, and speak in gibberish half the time. If they were to be on topic, if they would ever listen, they would perform better in school.

I can understand why people want to interrupt class. School is not the most exciting thing in the world, but without it, our futures will be less exciting. Colleges are looking for students who can be great at having fun and still be great students.

The hallways are a nice place to talk, at lunch, or even when the class isn’t working. Just DON’T TALK DURING WORK!


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