Vape Pens Dominate Cigarettes: But Are They Really Healthier?

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Vape Pens Dominate Cigarettes: But Are They Really Healthier?

Erin Hedman

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Vape Pens. They are a booming product in the market, probably because people, teens especially, find satisfaction from creating smoke from their mouth, or they just thinks it looks cool. Either way, I think nothing about it is cool or smart.

Your body can only survive if you’re intaking pure oxygen right? Then why would you substitute it with a vape pen’s main ingredient, which is vegetable glycerin.

Also, one of the most body damaging agents is part of the liquid: nicotine. This is a major problem for teens because not only is it the time of their life where they believe they are indestructible, but it’s also the time when they are most vulnerable to suggestion and peer pressure.

There is the conspiracy, that there is no harm in vaping because it’s not burning substances. But what you may not know is that because of the high temperatures, the solvents, flavoring, and other elements that are part of the pen are transformed into carcinogens and other harmful toxins, which you are then directly intaking.

If that wasn’t enough, propylene glycol is often mixed with hemp oil, according to WebMD; this turns it into a syrupy mix. When vaporized at a high heat, it converts into small polymers, and when inhaled, these polymers send your lungs into panic, creating havoc for your respiratory system.

One of the reasons teens gravitate toward these vape pens is because they think they are not as bad as regular cigarettes, which may be true, but there are still serious consequences. According to an article in LiveScience, not only do they make it hard for smokers to quit, they also have a “substantial effect on blood vessels” and contribute to heart disease.

Next time you think about powering up your pen, think about how your heart could stop 20 years down the road. Do everyone a favor, grab a glass of water and rehydrate instead.

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