Post Malone in a Genre of His Own

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Post Malone in a Genre of His Own

Jeremy Sanders

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Big but underrated, Post Malone is breaking stereotypes such as appearance and sound.

Signed to Republic Records, Post Malone released “Stoney,” his debut album, on Dec, 9 2016, and it reached No. 9 on the Billboard hot 200 albums.

Post Malone is one of the most diverse artists at the time as the album consists of song from many genres. From R&B and hip hop/rap to country, he makes it all sound amazing. Even though it’s his debut album, he has produced works with large names such as Justin Bieber, Quavo, and 2 Chainz.

The album consists of 18 songs, starting with “Broken Whiskey Glass,” a country-orientated sound, and “Big Lie,” which I didn’t like. I’ve never enjoyed the feel country music gives off, so listening to these two is a no-go.

However, tracks three to 12 redeem the rest of the album.

From the lyricism on “White Iverson” to the great vocals by Justin Bieber on “Deja Vu”, the middle part of the album is my favorite. Other songs include “Money Made Me Do It” ft. 2 Chainz, “Congratulations” ft. Quavo, “I Fall Apart,” and “Too Young,” which all send out a message about his rise to fame. “Too Young” talks about how you need to live in the moment and do things while you can and not “Dde too young” wishing you could’ve done what you love.

The last few song of the album,  “Hit This Hard” and “Feeling Whitney,” aren’t really in my taste, so I don’t listen to them often.

Some songs on the album have gained more popularity than others, such as “Congratulations” ft. Quavo. The song has gone platinum, which is when 1 million copies are sold. But “White Iverson” is by far his most successful and recognizable song; the song went triple-platinum and has over 269 million views on YouTube. “Congratulations” is second with 95 million views.

I would rate the album 7/10 only because there’s only around nine to 10 songs I actually listen to.

People like to hate on Malone because he can’t be categorized into one genre. His style isn’t mainstream, which tends to make people stray, but I find it refreshing that he doesn’t sound the same as other mainstream professionals in the music industry.


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