Have Your Tissues Ready For “A Dog’s Purpose”

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Have Your Tissues Ready For “A Dog’s Purpose”

Kaitlyn Isbell

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“When I needed a hand, I found your paw.” Whenever we’re sad we tend to rely on our pets to make us feel better. “A Dog’s Purpose” lets you step into the life of a dog and experience what it’s like to be them.

A dog’s purpose, directed by Lasse Hallstrom and starring Dennis Quaid and Britt Robertson, travels along with a dog as he lives, dies, and is reincarnated numerous times all while experiencing a variety of different owners.

The first story takes place inside a dog named Bailey. His owner, Ethan, found him alone inside a car on a hot day when he was young. He rescued him and took him for his own. They had a very close relationship and played all the time. Bailey and Ethan went everywhere together for years and suffered through an abusive dad toward the end.

When Ethan was at college, he got an unexpected call telling him Bailey needed to be put down due to old age. This part hits home with all dog owners. With my dog in particular, I know I am her favorite. If she were to ever die, I know I would need to be there so she is happy.

Bailey’s story is my favorite because it is the longest and allows the viewer to see the most details from his life, allowing us to know what he is feeling. The acting was also great in this movie because the actors were able to demonstrate the roller coasters of experiences they experienced together.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, though, because they do all die in the end. It is extremely sad and will make you cry, unless you don’t have a heart.There are four other stories in this movie, but I will leave you to find them out. “A Dog’s Purpose” is out on DVD on April 18. Enjoy, and remember to bring tissues.

A shot from the movie, “A Dog’s Purpose”.

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