New Rock Band Program Enters The Music Department

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New Rock Band Program Enters The Music Department

Dagen Lusis, General News

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A new approach to music is invading our music department, and it’s comin’ in hot. This month, students here at Eisenhower have taken the initiative to create an Eisenhower Rock Band. This band will have the ability to perform at an abundance of school activities, such as music concerts, pep rallies, and sports games. Most of the group’s rehearsals will take place during flex in the band room. The addition of a rock band will provide students a more fun, positive approach to music and school spirit.

Symphonic bands and orchestras provide a proper, intellectual experience, but can often lack large aspects of what makes music so fantastic. The new rock band will provide students the freedom and creativity to venture into their own styles of music, considering the fact that the band is 100% student-lead. Students have even started writing their own pieces and riffs to perform, expanding on the common stigma of “reading the music”. It is very obvious that added freedom is a large aspect of the new program.

Band director Mr Hoeft commented on this new musical experience, “We don’t just want to form a band. We want the members to create their own styles, and bring them together. That is what makes this so special.” Many different students in the music hall have sparked interest in joining, to the point where more than one band might emerge from the club.

Bands can be tricky to manage, but the student leadership is spectacular. The leaders include: Josh Hill, Alek Wiedman, Dagen Lusis, Nick Hermann, Ryan Huck, and Dan Hintzman. These dedicated students have begun to center their life around this band, excited to see where it might go.“This is such a unique experience. I just wish we would’ve thought of it earlier!” commented Nick Hermann, who is a current member in the program, “We are all beyond excited about every part of the journey.”

There are many different styles that they wish to incorporate into their performances. These include: Funk, Classic Rock, Blues, Metal, and Alternative. These assortment of genres are due to the fact that many different students provide many different styles to the group. First, they bring everyone’s ideas together, making sure that everyone gets what they want. Second, the group picks a key to jam in. Third, they strap on their guitar, grab their drumsticks, and start jamming! Members of the band often lose track of time while performing, that they miss the bell to their next class.

Over the course of the school year, students should expect to see the rock band perform at different events. This is due to the initiative set by administration to provide New Berlin Eisenhower with more “School Spirit.” If you attend sporting events here at Eisenhower, you might notice that the pep band performs at about half of these games. Although they are a great addition to the energy of the game, they do not always attend. The rock band hopes to fill the gaps of the games, engaging students in a more immersive, energetic experience. The group would also like to perform at events that do not always have a pep band, such as home volleyball games.

The determined, musically-inclined group hopes for a year of growth, success, and super-hot jams. They also hope more students get involved, as it is an experience that is truly unique here at Eisenhower.

If you have any interest in joining the Eisenhower Rock Band, stop by during one of their Tuesday flextime rehearsals, or contact Mr Hoeft at [email protected].

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